Paragliding In Nepal

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  •   Destination: Nepal
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Trip Introduction


Discover the secrets of great Himalayas with a relatively new adventure sport of Nepal, Paragliding. Nepal is a magnificent Himalayan country where paragliding is popularly known for providing scenic fly to see a bird-eye view of Nepal’s beautiful Himalayan ranges such as Annapurna, wild eagles, thrilling rivers, astonishing landscapes, temples, azure sky with mystical clouds, sapphire lakes and lots more.


If you wish to try paragliding it totally comes under your budget. There are basically two types of paragliding tandem paragliding, where you are seated harness in front of the pilot and flying on your own, which is basically for the experienced paragliders. However, flying own your own requires a special permit from civil aviation office. Standard paragliding flight usually takes off from sites over the altitude of 1000 meters, floats in the site for a while, performs some spiraling acrobatics, which can be optional, and then descends to the destination where paragliders float like a flying free bird. There are various paragliding destinations in Nepal such as sites around the Pokhara area, Western region of Nepal, Kathmandu area and Eastern region of Nepal. Popular paragliding destination is although considered to be in Pokhara area.


Such adventure sports are likely to be safe as it is carried out in such places where it is safe to land. However, risks are certainly involved in such adventure sports because of a sudden change in weather conditions during take-off and landing, which in turn can be dangerous. It is better to choose a company providing assurance and insurance of your flight. However, if you wish to carry out tandem paragliding the pilots are internationally certified, who are certified to fly anywhere around the globe. This is just the right sport for the adventure enthusiasts. Our expert individuals and guides from Asian Alpine Treks and Expedition will take the responsibility of managing this thrilling experience for you.

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