Bhotekoshi River Rafting

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Trip Introduction

Relentless water runs through this 20km long river rafting as you pass through various class 3 and class 4 rapids along the way.Across the beautiful valleys, rugged mountains and uncharted wildernessBhotekoshiRiver rafting provides a great mix of thrill and peace. In this short rafting session we not only enjoy the thrill of the medium and high tides of water but also witness the tranquility of the nature.


Bhotekoshi river rafting is one of the most sought white water rafting in Nepal. According to the international rafting grade the BhotekoshiRiver is rated as 4-5 grades. Initially, we come across many class 2-3 rapids but then as we move down we face Class 4 grades in quick succession requiring unyielding team work as rowing in perfect sync is your only weapon. Going through narrow canyons we face various rough tides in the steepest river of Nepal. Rapids like Frogs in the Blender, Gebril in the Plumbing, Liquid Bliss and Dazed and Confused will throw strong currents at you and you will require good precision and timing, but not before you come across another one. Asian Alpine Treks and Expedition will cater for all the necessary equipment. We have experts who will guide you through the waters as you conquer one of the best rafting rivers of Nepal.


Our journey starts from the Capital city of Kathmandu. Driving east to Lamosangu, we reach our put in point with the beautiful LangtangHimal and DorjeLakpa peeking in the horizon. Gears ready and after a briefing of the trip we will start rafting.After rafting or a day we reach Dolalghat.This is our ending point and we will drive back to Kathmandu thus ending our short adventure.


The best time for rafting in this river is October -December and February- April. The water is crystal clear and we will also get to enjoy the beautiful wildlife and vegetation along with the thrilling adventure


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